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Inioluwa Amao

BSc. Student

Research Assistant

MacEwan University, Edmonton, AB



MacEwan University 

PO Box 1796
Edmonton, AlbertaT5J 2P2

A Bit About Me

My name is Inioluwa Amao. I am an undergraduate student in level 200 studying Computer Science and Business Management at MacEwan University. I have taken courses in English, Economics, and Sociology, and I am interested in understanding the development, structure, and functioning of humans in organizations and society. As an undergraduate student, I am excited in being part of the research lab to gain some research experience that will help improve my personal and professional development as a scholar.


Currently, as part of this research team, I have completed trainings on research ethics based on the Tri-Council Policy Statement (TCPS) for Canadian human research studies, systematic literature reviews, using proper manuscript language, writing abstracts, and proper use of reference managers. While the knowledge gained is shaping my professional development, I look forward to learning more methods for conducting meaningful research that contributes to improving society.    

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